Right now the moon is 97% full, and as I type this I am sitting with my fullness. That fullness inspired some truth to share with you all…

There’s a lot of information about Manifestation out there.

Ranging from vague airy-fairy intangible woo concepts, to practical guides on how-to (being written by yours truly 😉 ).

From my many years of working with clients worldwide, I’ve compiled a list of common misconceptions about Manifestation.

Here are the 13 most common misconceptions of Manifestation…


  1. You have no control over your Destiny.

This mindset pulls us directly out of our power. And, is actually contrary to the entire point of employing the Law of Attraction and Manifestation in your life. Why else would we want to master those things, if not to co-create your destiny with the Universe.

I’m not saying any of us have complete control over everything. But I’m saying how we respond to everything thrown our way, in every moment as it comes, shapes how our destiny unfolds.


  1. You have only mastered manifestation when you’ve manifested a mansion and millions!

Nope. Mastering Manifestation has nothing to do with things, or stuff. (Although, people do manifest those things.)

It has everything to do with: confidently embracing all that is already in your life, leveraging your profound gratitude for all that is in your life to bring you to new heights, clearly feeling the abundance of love and blessings, and knowing it is your birthright to live the limitless potential of your creative ability.

I don’t have a mansion, or millions. Those things don’t interest me. Instead, I’ve co-created my dream life. I live in the flow of whatever lessons the Universe brings my way, knowing everything is always a blessing and an opportunity for miracles. I embody empowered boundless co-creation. That, is mastery.


  1. You are no good at Manifesting.

I hear this one a lot. Here’s the thing, whether you’re conscious of it or not, you’ve been manifesting this whole time. You’ve successfully manifested the experience of your *entire life* from your vibration and your alignment in each moment that has passed.

What this belief is usually really about: not everything we’ve created in our lives has been pleasant, or there’s still something we haven’t yet manifested, so we feel disempowered and think we must be doing it wrong.

Once you’re able to give all the unpleasant or “not-quite” manifestations (contrast) some love and compassion, we can alchemize the past from victim story to a hero’s tale. Every unpleasant manifestation came with a lesson and some clarity, are you ready to embrace that as part of your mastery?

Moving forward, we can choose to refine our intentions, master our vibration and alignment so that we may allow ourselves to constantly be arriving at more and more pleasant experiences.


  1. Others are Intuitive, and you are not.

Everyone is born with a capacity for inner knowing. Just like any other of the senses, you can be born more or less able in this way. However, intuition can also be expanded, strengthened, cultivated and honed. Just like everything else in life, it is what you make of it. 🙂


  1. All it takes is changing your thoughts!

If only it were that easy. You don’t simply think $500, and then it appears! There’s a bit more to Manifestation than that. Changing your thoughts helps, but it’s only part of the equation for successful Manifestation, which looks like this:

Clear Intent + Aligned Thoughts + Embodied Feelings + High Vibration + Aligned Actions + Trust + Allowing/Receiving + Gratitude =  ARRIVAL!

Don’t worry, it becomes easier and part of your nature with practice!


  1. You will be happy once you’ve manifested (insert desire here).

Well, this is a prime example of misalignment. Refer to the equation I just mentioned above in #5 ^..

If you’re not happy now, how can you arrive at your desire? Is waiting to be happy conducive to the aligned thinking, embodied feeling, or high vibration of your desire? No. You must match the energy of your desire NOW to attract what you want. That is alignment.

If you are waiting to be happy, you will continue to manifest more opportunities where you will be waiting to be happy.

Plus, now is all we ever have. So why hold your happiness hostage?


  1. Negative energy will kill your ability to Manifest. You must be pure white light and love to succeed!

Well, while the idea of spiritual “perfectionism” might appeal to some, it’s just not real.

I feel negative emotions too, and they are just as valuable to me as the positive ones. Why? Because everything I’ve manifested is to serve the highest good.

I love my negative emotions! Negative emotions call my attention to things I might be missing, or feel very strongly about. It’s my cue to pause, and embrace the clarity, so that I can proceed further into my deepest truth and highest happiness.

In a nutshell, negative vibes are equally as important to the manifestation process, they’re just a different tool to be used in a different way.


  1. When you Manifested “bad stuff” in life, you were doing it wrong.

Ah, good ol’ contrast. If we take out the emotional charge in how we perceive all the not-so-fun experiences we’ve manifested in our lives thus far, we can begin to see them as just contrast to what we really actually want to Manifest.

Contrast, like negative emotions, give us clarity and wisdom. How could we manifest the awesome stuff in life without clarity and wisdom?

Don’t let contrast scare you, embrace its blessing and realign with renewed clarity.


  1. We are limited to the predisposition of our current reality.

You are not limited to your current experience. One of the most beautiful things about working alignment and manifestation, is that we get to transcend perceived boundaries and barriers! The Universe is the limit(less)! We get to write our own story, co-create our own Destiny, so long as we embrace our power!


  1. Your Shadow makes you less magical.

If you have a dark side, if you’ve done hurtful things, struggle with depression, or mental illness, you’re every bit as capable of manifestation as anyone else.

Everyone has a Shadow, it’s what makes us human. It’s part of the balance of the Universe, the balance within ourselves. Vast wisdom lies within every aspect of ourselves.

Here’s maybe the most important thing I know about shadows:

“The bigger and brighter the light, the bigger and darker the shadow.”

The Shadow doesn’t lessen the ability to create, it can only sway from where you are creating, if you let it.


  1. You must effort the f*ck out of what you want so it will Manifest.

Have you ever met someone that’s a little type-A, maybe a little control-freakish?

Me too, and I used to be one of them. Those people believe that they must do ALL THE THINGS! RIGHT NOW! …to make sure they control what happens, all the time. That’s what I call effort-ing the f*ck out of something, and I can tell you from experience that it’s exhausting and unnecessary.

Alignment has taught me that there are many ways to Manifest something. So why not allow it to come easily? Effortlessly? Then you have more energy and more space for MORE abundance! So instead of effort-ing, when I employ the equation of manifestation I make sure that every aspect of my being is feeling and inviting ease as I follow through the process. Why? Because life is too damn short to manifest unnecessary hardship! 😉


  1. you need to obtain (something) first, before you can manifest what you want.

Another *really* common untrue belief. It’s the limited belief that before you can manifest your ideal partner/job/home/health/finances/whatever, you must achieve/acquire _______ first. Most common I see it presented as “I must lose weight before I can meet my ideal partner” or “I must manifest my dream career before I can manifest my dream house.”

If you listen closely. That’s exactly what those people are manifesting. They have set that limitation upon themselves and it couldn’t be further from the truth!

There’s NOTHING that you need to obtain first. You get to tell the story, with your beliefs, your words, your energy! Make sure you’re telling the story you want told!


  1. Someone else can manifest it for you.

Nope. You have to believe it, feel it, embody it, feel gratitude for whatever *it* is. Someone can pray or send you all the good vibes in the Universe for what you want, but if you’re out of alignment (see the equation above in #5) you’re not going to attract or receive the manifestation. It’s your alignment, your energy, your attraction, your manifestation.


Boom! There you have it!

13 of the most common misconceptions of manifestation that I’ve heard from all over the world, over many years!

Thank you for reading!

Please feel free to comment below and share this article if you desire!