You’ve set your intention. Your energy is aligned with your desire, you’ve taken aligned action. Then something unexpected happens…

No manifestation yet… (Or so you think.)

You somehow completely miss that your magic is working.

You feel like it’s not working.

You become frustrated.

And as a result, sometimes we dethrone ourselves out of our power.

Then our vibration gets lowered and our alignment becomes askew.

Not a great place to be for making magic.

This makes people feel lost. Like they aren’t good at manifesting.

Lies. You are infinitely powerful. Your magic is limitless.


I’ve seen it 1,000 times in my private sessions. It’s okay, it’s a super common, relatively easy thing to sort out.

I’m here to help you stop that from happening.

It’s as easy as knowing how to identify and witness every miracle, every blessing, every desire, as it begins to materialize.

In fact, doing exactly that makes the manifesting process speed up, amplify, and materialize exponentially.

So, here are the 11 signs to identify, witness and celebrate that it IS WORKING, so you can expedite and amplify your manifestations…

*note: you may experience some or all of these.


  1. Your intuition is on fire.

You feel easily in touch with your intuition, so much that you’re on fire! It may even feel “always on” now. Gut feelings, instincts & intuition consistently being affirmed by everyone and everything around you. Decisions are easy to make confidently when you’re empowered by your inner knowing, leading you toward your highest good.

This is how we know we’re in the Divine Current, not beside it. Being in the flow of the creative force that is the Universe.


  1. Opportunities present themselves to you.

You’ve asked for your desire to become manifest and suddenly the Universe lines up opportunities for you to be present for what you want. Dates, jobs, offers of all sorts. It may feel “random” or “coincidental”, but they aren’t at all.

It’s part of the dialogue between you and the U. You asked for it, and now the Universe asks “will you show up for this?”. When you say yes to these opportunities, you’re allowing the Universe to bring forth what you asked for.


  1. The most beloved, magical people start appearing.

When you are in your power as a deliberate creator, riding with the Divine Current, and loving your magic, you are vibrating high! The un-ending Universe, is the limit!

This is also what you will attract. So don’t be surprised when all the most loved, high vibrational, magical people in your life start coming out of the woodwork and into your immediate circle!

Congrats! You’ve aligned yourself with other magical badasses! Let the manifesting power party begin!


  1. Synchronicity increases.

You’re in the Divine Current. Everything is flowing seamlessly. Solutions to problems arise, opportunities, abundance and joy are seeking you.

Divine Timing is on your side. The Universe is conspiring with you. Chance meet-ups, freak coincidences are happening in your favor… and Oh, look! There’s a check in the mail you weren’t expecting! 😉


  1. You feel excited, tuned-in, empowered & inspired.

You’re so in the flow of your creative power, that brilliant ideas are finding you like strikes of lightning to your heart and third eye! You are one with The Muse, in each other’s favor. Divine inspiration is flowing through you as you are energetically charged by your own empowerment.

This empowered vibration has you excited to keep creating! More and more ideas for expansion in your life abound! It’s awesome, go ahead! Manifest all the things!


  1. You feel open to receiving all the blessings.

You’re in touch with your Mastery. A Master knows that what is for their highest good will come, and that their job is to be open to receiving that, however it may look.

You’ve released attachment to the specific materialization of your desire. When you ask for what your heart wants, you do so from a place of “this or something better”, because you know better than to limit the manifestation with the limits of our human nature, this learning path we are on.


  1. You see & act on the signs from the universe.

You have your eyes and heart wide open to what the Universe is delivering to you, in every moment. You know you started a dialogue and now you are actively listening, deliberately receptive and ready to take Inspired Action as soon as you feel moved by the magic within and around you!


  1. You start seeing your desire everywhere.

Everywhere you look, here it is. Everywhere you go you are seeing exactly what you desire in the world around you.

Even if it starts in the smallest ways, you are saying YES!!! Every time it is present in your presence you feel, joy, gratitude, love and celebrate it! The more you acknowledge, feel good, receive and celebrate that energy making it’s way to you, the more it will make it’s way to you in bigger and better ways! More magical than perhaps you’ve even imagined!


  1. You are unafraid & ready for success.

The idea of getting what you wish for doesn’t scare you. You’ve broken patterns of self-sabotage, you’re done playing small, there is no more resistance present in your being. You feel worthy, deserving and READY to welcome it home to you!


  1. Your vibration matches your desire.

If you asked for more abundance, you feel abundant now. If you want a loving partnership, you are full of self love and desire, because you are your best mate. Whatever it is you desire, you feel that way now.


  1. You know, feel, & expect magic.

You are completely in touch with this: We are Magic, we are Miracles. Your existence is proof. The galaxy we live in, our existence, is a scientific anomaly in this Universe. Separating yourself from the magic of the Universe is an illusion, you know that we are all one. Unending, boundless.

You know your utmost happiness & highest good is your birthright.

You can look back at your life and clearly see the magic you’ve manifested. The ups and downs have all been part of the same miraculous existence that is your life. You’ve manifested magic before, and you know you can always do it again. It’s the way of the Universe, that we are an embodiment of.

To all of you out there, reading this article, thank you and…