Welcome, Magical One! My name is Megan Alexandria and I LOVE empowering others to awaken their Inner Magic, master manifestation, and deliberately create a fulfilling life more amazing than their wildest dreams!

How did I create a life of deliberate magic?

In 2011, on the outside I appeared to be “living the dream”. I had an epic fairytale wedding, was in one of the most prestigious belly dance companies in the world and was living in Oakland, CA with a promising career as a Caseworker for an amazing non-profit.

I manifested that life, and yet, I wasn’t happy…

Living in a cultural mecca and performing with a prestigious dance company was an incredible adventure, but I was still restless and becoming increasingly depressed.

My first marriage rapidly turned into a nightmare and I was burning the candle from both ends at my underpaid, high-burnout job doing casework. Every day my Intuition cautioned that my choices were not aligned with my highest good, but I chose to ignore those messages.

Before I knew it, denial of my intuition nearly cost me my life.

As I navigated the wreckage of my divorce, PTSD from an abusive marriage, and total upheaval of my life, I was deeply wounded, gravely depressed and indulgent in a vast array of self-harming habits. My only comfort was the delusion that I would someday escape it all by creating a new life, traveling the world by myself as a lone wolf for the rest of my days.

I grew tired of the darkness and decided that if I gave into this being my new forever, I was accepting defeat, which felt like a fate worse than death. So I decided I can no longer live denying my Intuition, giving up my power, or compromising my highest happiness. Not for anyone, or anything.

“I realized that everything in my life was created BY me, not happening TO me, and I could use my Inner Magic to manifest a happier life at any time. The ability to change anything, changed everything.”

I devoted myself to connecting with the Divine and my Intuition. Therein I reclaimed my truth, my voice, my power, myself and my Inner Magic.

Every experience is an opportunity to master the art of crafting your life. In each moment, to be Divine and create a destiny you love.

I connected with my Divine truth and no longer felt limited by my circumstances.

Life was no longer ‘happening to me’.

I was free to deliberately create my destiny.

Free to manifest my dream life.

Following my heart, I began doing Intuitive readings and created my business online. I enrolled in the Professional Psychic Mechanics Mentorship program with Rev. Erin-Ashley and she became my mentor. Professional training changed everything! I could no longer deny my Intuition, who I was, or what I came here to do. In my mentorship we discovered that my Intuitive super-power was Alignment and that my magic was Manifestation. It was then that I saw exactly how I was meant to help others.

After that, The Universe lined up ALL kinds of opportunities for me to deliberately master Alignment and Manifestation! So I began making magic of all kinds…

I shifted my poverty mindset, cleared about $20K of personal debt and manifested a steadily increasing income with more financial abundance than I’ve ever had! I manifested stability, a wealth of opportunities, and a growing business with clients from all over the world! I found my authenticity and deep self-love. For the first time I loved myself as perfect, whole, and complete, just as I was.

And then, I manifested true love…

While creating a life I truly loved, I met the man of my dreams beneath a Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. A year and a half later we got engaged under the Aurora Borealis and eloped immediately after. Not long after I met my husband, I was diagnosed with multiple incurable diseases. My health and my physical abilities started to rapidly digress …and then I manifested a healing miracle. Each blessing was no fortunate coincidence, but a deliberate and vigilant intention of mine to overcome the impossible and manifest the unthinkable.

Every day I awake astounded by how far I’ve come and dream of all that’s yet to be manifested. Together with my husband, I am living my dream life. A life of love, deliberate creation, abundance, adventure, and freedom.

and I am here to help others create the same.

My life that has given me many opportunities to master the Inner Magic that is Intuition and Manifestation.

I help others create powerful change in their lives, because I am so abundantly able to do it for myself. I‘m committed to sharing the real tangible tools I’ve used to deliberately create this magical life I love, so that you can do the same. Real tools for change, real results. Whatever your heart desires, the dream life is yours!

It is an honor, and an embodiment of living my dream to empower you to manifest and live the highest visions of your life!